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A stylish hearing amplifier for people who need enhanced hearing in specific situations. It looks (and functions) like a typical Bluetooth® stereo headset but also provides enhancement for all around hearing, and assistive listening functionality.

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The BeHear ACCESS assistive hearing headset belongs to a new category of sound enhancement products. It combines the functionality of three existing devices into one: Bluetooth stereo headset for wireless mobile phone calls and media playback, Assistive hearing device for enhanced intelligibility of speech and other important sounds, Digital hearing aid for personalized sound amplification across a wide sound spectrum

  • Built-in Telecoil receivers ensure best possible hearing in locales equipped with hearing loop technology.
  • BeHear ACCESS enhances hearing of television dialogue.
  • ListenThrough technology - passing through important ambient sounds during music playback.
  • EasyListen technology - slowing down speech dynamically during mobile phone conversations.
  • Personal Sound Amplifier - providing dynamic, compressed amplification of ambient sounds.
  • SoundFocus technology - three options for determining directionality of hearing amplification (narrow, wide, omni) based on the wearer's desire to focus on a specific sound source, or a broader range.
  • Hearing enhancement functions - including noise reduction, echo cancellation, and more.
  • CROS/BiCROS - support for single-sided deafness
  • Situational Hearing Enhancement: When You Need It BeHear ACCESS can enhance hearing for those with normal hearing, as well as people with mild to moderate hearing loss. This is true for all situations.
  • Customizable for Your Hearing Capabilities and Preferences.
  • BeHear ACCESS enhances live hearing- profiles modified in real-time.
  • Large control buttons and charging cradle for ease of use.
  • Rechargeable for up to 13 hours of use
  • Developed by experienced sound engineers and certified audiologist.