Finding the Right
Hearing Solution

The right hearing solution is unique
to your lifestyle, preferences, and needs.

How to Choose A Hearing Aid - Getting Started

We simplify the process. With over 17 years of experience we are the most trusted resource on the web to help guide along the way, assisting in in finding the right solution for your specific needs.

It’s easier to find the correct hearing aid when you have experts in your corner. HearingPlanet is your unbiased partner to help you get the process started.

From diagnosing your hearing needs to identifying the right hearing aid and getting the perfect fit from one of our endorsed local clinics, HearingPlanet can help guide you along the way.

The first step to take when considering hearing aids starts with a conversation with one of our Personal Hearing Consultants. Your Personal Hearing Consultant will listen to you and complete a hearing profile with you to better understand your daily listening environments, hearing challenges and communication needs.


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Understanding Listening Environments

As the sun rises and the birds chirp, we generally spend the first part of the day in a relatively quiet environment.

Next up may be a drive to work on a busy interstate while listening to the radio. Perhaps you stop for gas or a cup of coffee at the local bustling coffee shop. As the day unfolds, listening environments become more diverse and demanding.

We want you to be prepared for each of these situations. The good news is that current hearing aid technology can help you in many ways.


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Hearing Aid Brands

Although there are differences between hearing aid brands, all the major brands have high levels of quality and performance. At HearingPlanet, we only work with the top brands of hearing aids that are proven in quality, digital processing, reliability and performance in difficult listening situations.


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Hearing Aid Styles

Hearing aids contain a microphone that collects the sound, a micro sound processing computer to help filter and amplify the sounds, and a speaker that plays the sound to the ear.

Each style of hearing aid contains these components in a different configuration. Choosing a hearing aid style depends on a combination of both your individual hearing loss as well as your cosmetic preferences.

Learn the differences between, Receiver-In-Canal, Behind-The-Ear, and In-The-Ear hearing aid solutions and the different variations of each style.


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Hearing Aid Technology

The Hearing Aid Industry has always been one to push innovation and leverage new technology. It is very similar to the consumer electronics market. Think about your Smartphone as an example. Every year brings about another advancement that makes us question how we ever lived before, without the newest upgrade. Hearing aid technology is no different.

A combination of user demand and industry research creates a race for the next best feature(s). Therefore, hearing aid technology is constantly evolving and most manufacturers are working towards continuous improvement and innovation with every new design and platform.

Technology from three to five years ago is good, however, many of the advancements of years past have become standard and are available in virtually every model top manufacturers are bringing to the market today (much like auto-correct, voice activation, Bluetooth and 12-megapixel cameras have become standard on Smartphones).


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Batteries and Accessories

Whether you need batteries for hearing aids, cochlear implants, or hearing aid accessories that help enhance the performance of your hearing aids, HearingPlanet offers a wide variety of accessories and betteries to fit your hearing lifestyle.

Give us a call, chat with us, or start exploring our batteries and accessories using the link below.


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Advanced Hearing Aid Comparison Guide

Compare the features and functions of up to three hearing aids side by side using our Advance Hearing Aid Comaprison Guide.

Print out your results or send them to your email inbox right from the tool.

Our hearing consultants are standing by to answer any questions you may have about hearing aid model or the Advanced Comparison guide.


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