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Vendor Oaktree
Product Color Black with Yellow Trim
Explore Category Hunting & Shooting
Manufacturer Howard Leight by Honeywell
Hex #355E3B
Brand Howard Leight by Honeywell

Impact Sport Electric Earmuff

At the range or on the hunt, the Howard Leight Impact Sport Electronic Shooting Earmuff keeps you protected from hazardous noise and connected to your environment. It carries a Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of 22dB.
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  • When the electronic ear protection is switched on, it employs built-in directional microphones that amplify ambient sounds to a safe 82dB. This allows you to hear important commands on the range and crucial environment sounds when hunting.
  • For additional shooting hearing protection, it also actively listens and automatically stops amplification when loud impulsive sounds like firearm discharges exceed 82dB.
  • Air Flow Control technology allows for a slim ear-cup design that ensures your firearm stock has clearance while shooting.
  • The padded headband features telescopic height adjustment for a comfortable, customized fit.
  • An external audio jack lets you connect the shooting earmuff to music device or scanner or another audio source.
  • The battery delivers approximately 350 hours of usage.
  • The automatic shut-off feature engages after 4 hours to help save battery life.
  • All Howard Leight electronic earmuffs and safety eyewear are compatible for use with each other.