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Vendor Oaktree
Product Color Slate Gray
Manufacturer Wear & Hear
Hex #708090
Brand BeHear



Surround sound on your shoulders - BeHear PROXY is a wireless neck speaker with microphone, powered by Alango's advanced audio technology.

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  • Delivers high quality crisp sound from any Bluetooth enabled source: television, cell phone, computer, music player, gaming device, etc.
  • Lightweight form factor sends audio through speakers on your shoulders leaving your ears free
  • Brings sound close to your ears for a personal, immersive experience, with extractable earbuds that enable private listening when desired
  • Comfortable, personalized Bluetooth neck speaker (keeps ears free)
  • Crisp TV dialogue and rich stereo sound inches from your ears
  • Low noise microphone for loud and clear wireless mobile calls
  • Extractable earphones for privacy or in consideration of others
  • Suitable for use with (or without) hearing aids