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Brand Hayleigh's Cherished Charms

Tube Treasure for Hearing Aids - Football pair

Football fans are sure to be pleased with this Tube Treasure! Simple and easy to use- Tube Treasures are a perfectly fun new way to make your hearing devices sparkle and shine!
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Hayleigh was a student who attended a school for hard of hearing and deaf children and noticed a lot of kids tried to hide their hearing aids behind their hair. She wanted to make hearing aids shine and be fancy, so she and other students could be proud of their hearing aids! This led to the creation of HayleighsCharms- Hearing Aid Accessories (Tube Treasures) or Cochlear Implant Accessories (Cochlear Bling)

  • Each Treasure or Bling has a different theme- from animals to sports, allowing the wearer to select their unique style.
  • They are easy to use and fun to wear!
  • For the tube treasures, simply separate your ear mold from your hearing aid or CI (like you do for cleaning), slide the Tube Treasure on, and re-attach your hearing device.
  • For the Cochlear Bling, simply use the nylon fasteners included.