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Vendor Oaktree
Product Color black
Explore Category Hunting & Shooting
Manufacturer SureFire
Hex #000000
Brand SureFire

EP10 Sonic Defenders Ultra Max


For the most effective and comfortable in-ear hearing protection available- choose EP10 Sonic Defenders Ultra Max earplugs. They provide the highest level of hearing protection made by SureFire an extraordinary Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of 30dB

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  • "Full-block" earplugs feature soft memory-foam Comply Canal Tips that seal in the ear canal, blocking out potentially harmful noises and providing all-day comfort.
  • An excellent choice for industrial, tactical, recreational, and everyday applications where maximum protection against continual noise levels is desired and the ability to hear ambient sounds or conversations is not a priority. For
  • Affordable, non-electronic hearing protection that's reusable and provides maximum protection, comfort, and retention.