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Online Hearing Test Explained

Watch our video to better understand the quick and easy process of taking an online hearing assessment and getting your HearScore.

The best way to understand and track your hearing test results

Why We Made HearScore
  • Until now, it was difficult for patients to measure and put a number to their hearing ability.
  • Unlike with vision, there was no way patients could measure their hearing - knowing if you had "20/20" hearing didn't exist.
  • That's because measuring someone's hearing is both nuanced and complex. There's different ranges and inputs that make it difficult to pinpoint hearing ability and loss on a scale - until now.
How We Developed HearScore
  • Our world-class Audiologists and Data Scientists have developed a proprietary algorithm to calculate hearing ability based on the Speech Intelligibility Index (SII) and calibrated against thousands of audiograms.
  • Using the basic dimensions of sound, we developed a numerical represenation of the energy in human speech and then measured the percentages of impairment and correction to create a new measurement system.
  • This new measurement system is called HearScore.
  • Based on a scale of 1-10, you can now measure and put a number to your hearing ability.
What Your HearScore Will Tell You
  • Taking our online test to find out your HearScore is quick, painless and can be done from the comfort of your home.
  • In a matter of minutes, you'll get your HearScore along with information and recommendations on what to do to help protect a high score and how to improve a lower one.