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Brand Earos

One Earplugs

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EAROS is one of the best hearing protection products on the market, filtering out harmful decibels without sacrificing your ability to communicate and enjoy high-fidelity music and sound.
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Whether you're attending a loud concert or trying to focus while working from home, stay safe in sound with EAROS ONE.


Offers a Noise Reduction Rating of 17 dB, helping you protect your ears from harmful decibels.


Designed with patented passive technology that delivers rich, resonant sound, enabling you to remain immersed in the full spectrum of sound frequencies for an enhanced listening experience.


The soft outer body sits comfortably in the ear, even during an extended use of many hours. The outer edge of the product lays flush against the ear for a smooth fit. Unique Concha Tab ensures product remains securely in place for full functionality.


EAROS ONE is distinctive in both function and form. Its advanced engineering offers an aesthetically beautiful, sleek design to accompany its outstanding performance.


Right and left semi-custom design with small and large ear-tips is engineered to fit 90% of all ears, which eliminates the need for a time-consuming and expensive custom fitting.